Squeak is an innovative and free Smalltalk system from http://www.squeak.org. Here you find some stuff that I share with the Squeak community.

I have taken the responsibility to maintain the MVC part of Squeak. As part of that responsibility I write a tutorial and a documentation for MVC. For details, look at: MVC tutorial (preliminary version).

New for Squeak 3.8:

Multilingualization Resources: Here you find an experience report and a strike font that offers almost complete support for Unicode BMP.

For earlier Versions of Squeak:

Liouville is an almost finished project to implement a package for symbolic and numerical mathematics in Squeak.

Currently the following pakages are available on this site: (all for Squeak 3.4 and Squeak 3.6)

Feel free to contact me by mail to Boris.Gaertner@gmx.net.